Lucie Martin / 39´ / 2019 / Belgium

Direction: Lucie Martin
Production: Julie Freres
Script: Lucie Martin
Editing: Fanny Roussel y Rudi Maerten
Cinematography: Lucie Martin, Etienne Van Gucht
Sound: Lucie Martin

The house, that very intimate space, where one can store personal belongings, secrets. The place where to be substracted from the other’s sight by closing the door. But here, there are few things and the door is open. On the threshold, a man.

LUCIE MARTIN lives in Brussels. After earning a sociology Masters degree, she worked with non-profits and as a university lecturer, focusing on field research and participatory projects. Demeure is her first film, developed through the framework of SIC, (Sound/Image/Culture) a workspace between cinema, anthropology and the visual arts.