Christopher Murray, Josefina Buschmann, Israel Pimentel / 63´ / 2019 / Chile

Direction: Christopher Murray, Josefina Buschmann, Israel Pimentel
Production: Diego Pino Anguita
Editing: Andrea Chignoli
Cinematography: Adolfo Mesías
Sound: Diego Aguilar
Realizadores: Josefina Buschmann, Valeria Hofmann, Pelayo Lira, Diego Ayala, Jeremy Hatcher, Ignacion Rojas, Israel Pimentel, Carlos Araya, Juan Francisco González, Daniela Camino, Adolfo Mesías, David Belmar, Antonio Luco, Christopher Murray, Aníbal Jofré, Tamara Uribe, Enrique Farías, Catalina Alarcón, Orlando Torres, Maite Alberdi.

In a country at the end of the world, the highest authority of the Catholic church lands.
The Pope comes to bring the word of God, but Chile awaits him with the most important religious crisis in its history.

Christopher Murray -Born in 1985 in Santiago de Chile. Filmmaker and Master in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester. Director of the films: Manuel de Ribera (Rotterdam 2010), Propaganda (Jury Prize – Visions du Réel 2014) and The Blind Christ (Official Competition – Venice 2016). He is co-founder of the documentary project MAFI – Filmic Map of a Country; (www.mafi.tv) premiered at IDFA.


Josefina Buschmann – Media maker and researcher, part of the Chilean filmmakers collective MAFI – Filmic Map of a Country. Currently studying a master in Comparative Media Studies at MIT and working at the MIT Open Documentary Lab.


Israel Pimentel – Audiovisual Director. He began his audiovisual work as director of Canal 13 Cable programs such as “Opinión Pública”, “Idea Central” and “Fe y Cultura”. Also, he was a professor at the Communications School of the Catholic University in the television workshop.In 2013 he joined MAFI as Content Director of the documentary feature film “Propaganda”, and since then he has integrated the general coordination. He is co-founder of the audiovisual production company “Brasa”, where he has developed documentary works for different organizations. DIOS is MAFI’s second documentary feature and the first one in which he participates as co-director.