Ione Atenea / 69 ´ / 2019 /Spain

Direction: Ione Atenea
Production: Hiruki Filmak
Script: Ione Atenea
Editing: Diana Toucedo
Sound: Jordi Ribas, Ione Atenea

In her debut as a filmmaker, the photographer Ione Atenea accompanies the daily lives of her grandmothers, María Jesús and Manolita, through their final years. Two women old enough to have survived their own lives. Through the conversations she has with them, she scrutinizes, camera in hand, the off camera of their stories, hidden under looks, omissions and silences that are lost in memory. Enero captures the complex temporality of who was once and who is here now, the distanced expierence, not exempt from the sneer, from a present so marked by the strength given by life lived, as by the shadow of the end itself. With a hectic pulse and a leisurely rhythm, breathing the old age that accompanies it, the director writes a heartfelt and beautiful love letter to her grandmothers, that ends up, like all important letters, consumed by fire

Ione Atenea (Iruñea, 1985) has a degree in Fine Arts (University of the Basque Country), a Master’s Degree in Creation Documentary (Pompeu Fabra University), and a Master’s Degree in Photography: Art and Technology (Polytechnic University of Valencia). Her short film 24/07 (2015) was premiered at L´Alternativa International Film Festival (2017). Her feature film JANUARY (2019), nominated Feroz Awards for best documentary, won the audience’s award for best European First Film at the 57th Gijón International Film Festival. She is currently working on the realization of her next documentary film La casa de l´artista, winner of the Antaviana Prize at L´Alternativa International Film Festival.