Aldemar Matias / 63´ / 2019 / Cuba, Brazil, France

Direction: Aldemar Matias
Production: David Hurst
Script: Aldemar Matias
Editing: Ramaine Ozanne
Cinematography: Aldemar Matias
Sound: Jeane Obreson

Jenniffer is a young sportswoman questioning her career as a national athlete in Cuba. Her mother, Marbelis, is the tough boss of a public fumigation centre in downtown Havana. As her brother is getting ready to leave the country, Jenniffer struggles to find her place. This intimate family chronicle, seen from the perspective of two women, unfolds the portrait of a generation unsure of what’s next in Cuba.

ALDEMAR MATIAS. Born in Manaus (Brazil) in 1985, he studied Documentary Directing at EICTV (Cuba). He’s currently working as an invited artist at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, where he is now based. Parente, his first short film, portraits the early contact of Yanomami villages with HIV tests in the Amazon. El Enemigo, his last short documentary filmed in Cuba, premiered at Visions du Réel in 2015. It was then selected by Dok Leipzig, True/False, Biarritz Amérique Latine, among others, and awarded at DocumentaMadrid and San Sebastián. La Arrancada, shot in spring 2018 in Havana, is his first feature film.