Tülin Özdemir / 98´ / 2019 / Belgium

Direction: Tülin Özdemir
Production: Cobra Film
Cinematography: Hélène Motteau
Editing: Fanny Roussel
Sound: Marie Paulus

In the wild and vast landscape of Anatolia, my auntie Tuncay is only nine years old when she is violently and abruptly taken out of the fairy tale of her childhood! In trying to avoid to her own child the sufferance of her path of life, and in search of a brighter future for her daughter, my mother, who works and live in Belgium, take the decision take to her, her little sister, in order to help for the upbringing of us, the children of the family! Nevertheless, everything exploded anyhow, an arranged wedding propulses My Aunt Tuncay, at a very young age, into the maze of life! Pregnant at the far too young age, she never had the time to think about her own feelings and journey of life, as a person, as a woman she has been thrown into couple life, like so many other woman around the globe, at once, without having the chance “to think of it all” reality has been much to violent towards her dreams and true need and want! A scenario that so many of us, Turkish girls, will know by heart, at our expense!

Tülin Özdemir – Graduated from the Haute École d’art in Saint-Luc, Brussels, I worked several years as an independent in interior architecture before passing the entrance exams for l’INSAS. After two years in film directing section, I followed a program of the S.I.C. (sound image culture), a one-year master’s in Creative Documentary and Visual Anthropology. I made my first short documentary “Our wedding”. A film in “I”, where I explore the subject of early marriage. “Beyond Ararat”, my last film, is a continuation of this first work, the quest for identity and memory through portrait of Anatolian women (Turks, Kurds and Armenians). In 2011, with Anne Ransquin, a friend photographer, we travelled through the Balkans to realize a film / photo installation project “clivovich vs kebabtje”. The question was: what separates people and at the same time connects them? Borders are not necessarily where you think they are. In my film work, another important theme is woman. In 2011, I made another short documentary “Rendez-vous sur le quai” as part of an exhibition for the foundation of architecture of the city of Brussels. A feminine walk in the public space where violence is omnipresent. Currently, I am studying a Master´s degree in Writing and Cinematographic Analysis at the ULB University.