Carlos Conceiçâo / 83´ / 2019 / Angola, Portugal

Direction: Carlos Conceiçâo
Production: Carlos Conceiçâo y António Gonçalves
Script: Carlos Conceiçâo
Editing: António Gonçalves
Sound: Rafael Cardoso

A young man drifts through a post-disaster African landscape looking for his
mother’s ghost.


“I am not represented in African cinema. Mine is an often-untold African tale. The tale of the landless, of the wandering ghosts that forever seek for themselves amidst the dust of memory. But there was a part of Africa that still felt like home. Not a place, but a feeling. We had to be alone in the landscape to look for it. There was no other way to make this film. It´s a documentary of the search of that feeling.”

CARLOS CONCEIÇÃO was born in Angola (August 5, 1979) during the Cold War and lived between the southern desert and Portugal until he went to Lisbon’s Film School in 2002. He had previously majored in English Literature of the Romanticism. His first short film The Flesh was awarded Best New Talent at Indie Lisboa in 2010, while Versailles (2013) premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. Both Goodnight Cinderella (2014) and Bad Bunny (2017) premiered in Cannes at the Critic’s Week to very enthusiastic response. Carlos also had complete retrospectives of his work at the French Cinémathèque in Paris and at the Amiens Film Festival.