Enrico Masi / 81’ / 2019 / Italy

Dirección: Enrico Masi
Producción: Stefano Migliore
Guión: Enrico Masi, Stefano Migliore
Edición: Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Fotografía: Stefano Croci
Música Original: Fabrizio Puglisi, Patrizio Barontini, Zende Music

A portrait of European boundaries. While food and goods are able to travel across all frontiers, there are severe restrictions for human beings in Europe. Pepsi plays, in this documentary, the role of a XXIst transgender version of Joan d’Arc, putting her journey on a different scale, even beyond survival: standing for human rights request and asylum of the most marginalized communities.

ENRICO MASI (1983) is an Italian film-director and independent researcher. After working within the Department of Educational Sciences at University of Bologna as a film director and researcher and having produced and directed numerous scientific videos, he moved to London where he directed The Golden Temple: Olympic regeneration of East London, screened for the first time in Venice Film Festival and then presented worldwide. In 2014 he moved to Berlin, supported by the Marco Polo scholarship at UDK. In 2016 he concluded the PhD project at University of Bologna. Shelter: Farewell to Eden has been released in Paris – Centre Pompidou, London – British Film Institute and Copenhagen University in 2019, as the final chapter of a broad trilogy (2012 – 2019), where the ultimate mega event is related to
the international humanitarian crisis and third landscape theory.