Raúl Riebenbauer / 14´ / 2019 /Spain

Direction: Raúl Riebenbauer

Production: Raúl Riebenbauer y Carlos Aparicio

Script: Raúl Riebenbauer

Editing: Raúl Riebenbauer

Cinematography: Carlos Aparicio

Sound: José Manuel Sospedra

Music: Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1878)

Viola da gamba: Phillip W. Serna

On the brink of turning fifty, I discover that my recently deceased father is only present in seven of my memories and I decide to protect the most valuable of them in a ritual.

Raúl Riebenbauer (Valencia, Spain, 1969) is a documentary filmmaker, journalist and writer.
One of his most noteworthy projects is the investigation that he carried out over a period of almost ten years into the case of one of last two people to be executed by ‘garrote vil’ during Franco’s dictatorship. The result was the non-fiction book ‘Georg’s Silence’.
He also investigated Robert Capa’s famous photograph ‘Falling Soldier’ and narrated this research in the documentary feature ‘The Shadow of the Iceberg’, awarded at Docusur Festival, among others.
During recent years he has lived in Lima (Peru), where he has given workshops about documentary and investigative journalism.
Since 2017 has focused in directing documentaries.