Regulations and Conditions

    1. The opening of the call will take place on the day following the publication of these Bases in the Official Gazette of the Province and its closing on 15 November 2019.
    1. Registration is free of charge. The registration must be carried out by filling in the electronic registration form on the web page of Movibet, or DocFilmDepot,, Section MiradasDoc. Any registration which does not fulfil these rules will be automatically excluded from the competition.
    2. The deadline for the acceptance of works will be determined at the moment of publication of these conditions.
    3. Films produced from 1 January 2019 onwards can be entered.
    4. Each participant may submit one or more documentaries. Each documentary is to be presented in only one of the following competitions and categories:
    1. International Competition: Best Documentary, Best Short Film and Best First Film (social issues)
      National Competition: Best Documentary with a Social Theme.
      Canary Islands Competition: Best Documentary.
    1. The festival requires the projection formats to be HD video files or professional video (BluRay). The selected films must be submitted with Spanish subtitles.
    2. To participate in the selection, after electronic registration has been completed, upload the film in digital format to the site mentioned above. Uploading films to the MiradasDoc section of Movibeta and DocFilmDepot is free of charge for the user.
    1. Along with the film, it is mandatory to attach the following documents:
    1. Stills of the film
    2. Photograph of the director
    3. Director’s biography-filmography
    4. Film synopsis
    5. Full technical details
    6. Dialogue list
    7. The juries will be composed of recognized personalities from audio-visual circles and the world of culture. Three juries will be convened, each composed of three people. (Jury for international short and feature film, Jury for First Film and National Award, Jury for the Canary Islands). To determine which films will open and close the festival, the films for Enseñandoc and the other films programmed in special sections outside the competition, the festival management team will act as jury. The jury for the award of pitching development projects and other awards won by sponsorship will be made up of the commissioning editors and buyers from the market panel.
    8. Jury members and staff cannot compete as author, director or producer.
    9. All the participating works, whether they are selected or not, will be part of the Festival documentary archive, deposited in the Municipal Public Library in Guía de Isora. This archive will in no way be used for profit by the organisation.
    10. The documentaries submitted to the competition may be selected for the MiradasDocMarket Screening.
    11. To participate in the First Film Prize, a film must be the author’s first full-length film.
    12. MiradasDoc considers short documentaries to be those that do not exceed 30 minutes.
    13. The films competing for the National Prize may not have been exhibited before in the Canary Islands and must not have been shown on television or internet.
    14. The films competing for the International Prize may only have competed before in a Spanish festival and may not have been broadcast on television or shown through internet portals.


Art. 1 – Overview of MiradasDoc

The Guía de Isora International Documentary Film Festival, MiradasDoc, has among its main objectives the dissemination and promotion of documentaries on social issues – in the broadest sense of the term – produced anywhere in the world, with the idea that factual film offers a direct way of understanding, observing and making visible the social processes currently taking place in human society.
Aware of the growth in importance of the documentary genre in our country, the Festival Organising Committee has identified the need to include a competition section devoted to promoting the Spanish documentary.

Likewise, with a view to contributing to the development of documentaries on our islands, MiradasDoc will organise an annual festival showcasing the best documentary films on any theme, produced in the Canary Islands.

There will be two different areas in the official competition section of MiradasDoc: the international prize and the national prize. In turn, the international prize is divided into prizes for full-length films, short films and first works.

Regarding documentary films produced in the Canary Islands, the films can be registered in the official competitions and will participate in the usual selection processes. The MiradasDoc selection committee will prepare an exhibition of what in its opinion are the best films produced that year in the Canary Islands, with a duration of at least five hours, and subject to the payment of screening rights.
MiradasDoc also brings together other events related to documentary film:
– MiradasDocMarket seeks to distribute, sell, develop and fund documentary films with a social theme from anywhere in the world, and to do so, it organises two pitching meetings (to sell international projects and an African-Latin American coproduction forum), screenings (to sell films) and professional conferences, talks and workshops. The African-Latin American Forum promotes direct production between Africa and Latin America.. In addition, MiradasDocMarket includes among its objectives the development of the documentary landscape in the Canary Islands, and so it is facilitating the participation of producers from the Canary Islands in this market through the creation of a Canary Islands VIP Pass.
– Another objective of MiradasDoc is in the field of training. Training professionals in the audio-visual field is key to the development of the film industry and necessary in order acquire the ability to express the complex systems of symbolic projection and the deepening knowledge of reality through the language of cinema . MiradasDoc, at the discretion of the festival management, can hold professional documentary workshops specialised in the different aspects of the production of this kind of film.

Similarly, the creation and training of audiences for this type of cinema is one of the keys in the work of MiradasDoc, and the reason why a document called “EnseñanDoc” is proposed each year for elementary, secondary and high school students and the instant documentary workshop Doc-Express, aimed at students of image and sound
Likewise, MiradasDoc reserves the right to organise training sessions exclusively dedicated to professionals from the sector.

Art. 2 – Frequency

The MiradasDoc International Documentary Film Festival is held annually. Opening, development and closing dates, as well as the dates for the different calls for entries, will be determined by the MiradasDoc Organising Committee.

Art. 3 – Events

MiradasDoc consists of the following events:

  1. International Documentary Film Festival. This includes:


EXHIBITION OF DOCUMENTARY FILM FROM THE CANARY ISLANDS”, a non-competitive section, which will select the most significant films from the documentaries produced in the year prior to the festival. Covers full-length and and short films.
“INFORMATION SECTION”, which is non-competitive and is intended to provide examples of the best in international documentary. The criteria followed to develop this section, as well as the number of exhibitions included in the programme each year will be determined by the festival’s management team. A maximum of five and a minimum of three samples will be proposed in each edition. Each of these will include approximately five hours’ screening time and it will be decided on in each case if there will also be a talk or meeting with the audience, based on the contents of the exhibition.
Additionally, the “MIRADA PERSONAL” (PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE) will also be included among the samples of the information sections. This non-competitive section is made up of an undetermined number of documentaries presented as a retrospective tribute to a renowned filmmaker.

The management team reserves the right to modify, according to the interests of the festival, the general structure of the thematic exhibitions.

Parallel activities. “Foro de las miradas”
The activities carried out in parallel with the MiradasDoc Festival combine lectures and theoretical sessions with working groups and screenings of documentaries from the different sections. The festival’s thematic itineraries are a new component of the “Foro de las Miradas” and are established according to the films that are part of both the screenings and the official sections of the festival. These itineraries, designed to make it possible to go more deeply into each selected theme, incorporate a series of talks by specialists appointed for the event, talks about films which address the theme, meetings with directors, meetings with local agents, special viewings …

  1. Market [MiradasDoc Market]

“MIRADASDOC MARKET” is a film market for producers/filmmakers of documentaries, produced in any country in the world, (based on the idea that there are traceable social processes which it is interesting to learn about) that have projects under development and want to get funding from television stations and other sources of development (pitching) or alternatively films which have already been developed but need distribution or exhibition (screening). MiradasDoc Market presents the possibility of opening production meetings between countries. In response to this latest festival quest, the “African-Latin American Forum” is dedicated to looking for and fostering coproductions between Africa and Latin America.

  1. Training

(Workshops) During the MiradasDoc Festival, the Festival Organisers will arrange workshops on the theory, practice, development and criticism of documentary cinema, taught by prominent documentary filmmakers of international prestige.
As regards the open enrolment workshops, there is a certain number and theme for each edition, decided by the festival’s management team. They will be of varied duration and will be aimed at both professionals and students of the genre. To register for said workshops the corresponding Public Price must be paid via the procedure set up for such purpose. The amounts will be published each year on the festival’s webpage at the beginning of the registration period.
(DocExprés) The DocExprés workshop is a closed event and can only be accessed through invitation by the festival. It is aimed at documentary film schools and audio-visual schools around the world as well as audio and visual study centres. The idea of Doc-Exprés is for it be a practical exercise, in which teams of five people must make a documentary piece of no more than 10 minutes during the course of the festival. These pieces are presented one day before the closing ceremony, at a public screening organised for that purpose by MiradasDoc.
(EnseñanDoc) In MiradasDoc, we open the doors to young students and to training the public through Enseñandoc, where the scheduled projections offer them a way of developing as citizens. Today, education cannot stop at the mere transmission of theoretical elements but must also convey positive civic attitudes and values. Within this framework, MiradasDoc offers young students tools to develop a civic culture; an active, responsible and critical participation in public life; attitudes and values such as tolerance, social justice, equality, human rights, solidarity, participation, human dignity … that will help to train them as responsible citizens.
Each year, the festival selection committee will choose one of the year’s selected films which is particularly suitable for display to audiences from secondary schools and the final year of primary school. Special screening conditions will be agreed with the director or the producer of the film, as well agreement for the presence of the director and lead participants of the selected documentary during the morning of the festival, in order to hold a documentary forum with students from the Islands.

Art. 4 – Registration Requirements

The documentaries registered in the OFFICIAL SECTION must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Films produced from 1 January 2019 onwards can be entered.
  • The films for selection will be uploaded to the MiradasDoc section on the Movibeta and DocFilmDepot platforms, in the original version, preferably with Spanish subtitles and at least with English or French subtitles (films that do not comply with this requirement may not be watched). Those films selected for the official section must send a screening copy with Spanish subtitles.
  • The screening format of the documentary must be HD video or professional video (BluRay) /DCP.
  • The films may be either full length or short. Documentaries are considered to be short films if they do not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Racist, sexist and/or xenophobic works will not be admitted.
  • Authors may submit as many works as they want.
  • Each work may only be submitted to one competition category (with the idea of achieving the best possible programming, the festival selection committee reserves the right to select a film for a different competition category than that in which it was registered. Any such changes will be communicated through the registration contact for approval by the filmmakers).
  • The films competing for the International Feature Film Prize may only have competed before in a Spanish festival.
  • The films competing for the National Prize may not have been previously exhibited in the Canary Islands (nor on television, internet, etc.).
  • The entire annual production of documentary film from the Canary Islands may be selected for the Festival, but only those films that have not been broadcast on television or the internet may be awarded a prize. Films which have not previously been screened in Tenerife are especially valued.
  • Any documentary film made in the Canary Islands in the year prior to the festival can be selected for the Canarian Documentary Film showcase.
Art. 5 – Registration Process

To participate in the selection of the Festival, complete the following process:

Registration of documentaries for the Official Competition Section:

Those interested must fill in the details of the registration form available on and in the section MiradasDoc, with the information contained in the standard model that appears as APPENDIX I to the present terms and conditions.

Registration is only valid if made using the electronic form referred to above. Other means of registration (such as e-mail, fax or regular mail) will not be admitted.

To participate in the selection, after electronic registration, upload the film in a digital file to the platform mentioned above. The charges are paid by MiradasDoc.

Along with the film, it is mandatory to attach the following documents:

  • Stills from the film
  • Photograph of the director
  • Director’s biography-filmography
  • Film synopsis
  • Full technical details
  • List of dialogues

Registration deadline
This year, the opening date is set for the day after the publication of these Rules by the Local Government. The closing date of the call for entries will be November, 15 – 2019. No works will be accepted after the deadline.
A pre-enrolment period will be in place from October 15, until these terms and conditions are officially published.

The selection will be conducted by a selection committee composed of persons of recognized standing in the audio-visual or cultural worlds.
The selection will be made in two phases, each of which will have its own Selection Committee.

Phase One: Preselection, in which the films entered in the festival are viewed and reports are made on each, based on valuation records.
Phase Two: Selection, in which films which scored above six (of 10 possible points) in Phase One are viewed.
After the selection process, the outcome will be communicated to all participants, selected or not, through the festival website. The selected films will receive an email confirming their selection. A professional copy of the film with subtitles in Spanish will then be requested.
Likewise, should the film be awarded a prize, they must present the documentation indicated below in order to be granted and subsequently receive the prize:
The documentation to be presented will be:
For the award and subsequent payment of prizes for winning films, the documentation listed below must be submitted:
The documentation must be presented at any of the locations shown in Article 16 of the Public Administration Common Administrative Procedure, Law 39/2015, 1st October.
A.- For those resident in Spain:

  • Copy of current national identity document (DNI) or Foreigner’s Identification Number (NIE).
  • Model of registration for third parties (“alta a terceros”) pursuant to the model that appears as APPENDIX II in the present terms and conditions, which can be downloaded from the Guía de Isora town council website.
  • Statement of compliance pursuant to the model attached as APPENDIX III.
  • Likewise, prior to payment of the prize, the beneficiary must demonstrate that he/she is up to date with all tax obligations and with the Social Security.

B.-: For those non-resident in Spain:

  • Copy of current passport.
  • Documents proving he/she is the titleholder of the bank account indicated, such as a certificate or equivalent document issued by the bank.
  • Documents supporting tax residence (certificate or equivalent document issued by the competent authority in the country of residence). Failure to provide said document will lead to a higher amount of income tax being deducted, in accordance with Spanish fiscal law.
  • Statement of Responsibility as per the format attached.

The different documents to be presented by the interested parties must be written in Spanish, or at least in English. In the latter case, to be deemed valid and serve their purpose, they must be accompanied by a letter from the festival manager, approved by the president of the MiradasDoc special administrative committee.
From all the documentaries selected for the competition’s OFFICIAL SECTION, three juries each of three members, international professionals of the documentary genre or the world of culture and duly appointed by the Miradasdoc management team and ratified by the Board of Directors for that function throughout the month of December 2019, will decide the awarding of the prizes that are listed below, of which a written record will be made by an official of the City Council, and which will be communicated to the winners through the noticeboard and on the Festival website:

Films in the competitive official selection as well as those chosen by the selection committee will appear in the MiradasDocMarket catalogue, to provide sales opportunities to accredited television channels in the market. The films can be viewed in the Festival’s ‘docuteca’ by accredited buyers and commissioning editors. To offer greater buying opportunities, MiradasDoc has created a separate space in the main section of the Movibeta portal, where during a period prior to the celebration of the market, the films can be viewed exclusively by accredited buyers and commissioning editors in the market.
The Festival will keep a digital copy of films screened at the festival, and they will become part of an audio-visual archive for professional use and kept in the Guía de Isora Municipal Public Library.
Official prizes:

MiradasDoc Prize for the Best Documentary €6,000 The MiradasDoc Best Documentary prize is a recognition of the documentary and the film-maker. (International Jury)
Prize for the Best Short Documentary Film. €2,500 The award for Best Short Documentary is a commitment to this format of less than 30 minutes duration. (International Jury)
Prize for the Best First Film. €4,000 This prize is awarded in order to support new filmmakers and their first films. (Jury for best first film and national award)
Special Prizes: The following special prizes will be awarded between all the documentaries selected for the various categories of the official section of the competition:
Special Audience Prize. Honorary. The festival audience will choose their favourite documentaries and vote during the course of the event.
Honorary Prizes: The jury may award an honorary prize to one of the documentaries selected in each official category: Best Documentary, Best Short Documentary and Best First Film.

Prize for the Best Spanish Documentary. €3,000 The documentary boom in Spain in recent years has led us to create a special prize for a documentary produced in our country. (Jury for the Best First Film and National Prize) Honorary Prize.

Prize for the Best Documentary from the Canary Islands. €2,000 This prize is presented with the aim of supporting documentary filmmakers from the Canary Islands and contributing to the development of the documentary in our islands. (Canary Islands Jury) Honorary Prize.
Each year, the panel of buyers and commissioning editors of MiradasDocMarket will award a development prize to one of the projects selected for presentation at the pitching, to the value of €3,500, as well as other prizes which will be determined in the festival’s production process and associated with potential external sponsors.

A team comprising the festival’s steering committee and the panel of buyers and commissioning editors of MiradasDocMarket will award a maximum of 1 grant for the post-production of documentary film projects in the development phase within the African-Latin American coproduction forum. These grants will be linked with the fora and production meetings scheduled during the festival. A maximum investment of €2,000 is anticipated for this.


“Personal perspective” award: Every year, the MiradasDoc Festival, through its organising committee, grants a lifetime achievement award in documentary film, called the “Personal Perspective” award. This award includes a screening dedicated to the award-winning author. The prize is €4,000 (fees, travel expenses, maintenance and award payment included).

The granting of the awards is conditioned by the existence of adequate and sufficient credit in this Entity’s budget for 2019 at the time the grant is determined in the budget application 334.00.489.00 for a maximum amount of €25,000.

To participate in the First Film Prize, a film must be the first documentary full-length or short film by its maker(s). Jury members and festival staff will not compete as authors, directors or producers.
No prize will be awarded jointly to two or more films.
The award will be subject to the corresponding withholding under the rules governing income tax
The producers of the winning films must use in their publicity the Miradasdoc festival logo and/or text highlighting the prize awarded. In future Festivals, any changes to the financial value of the prizes will be agreed by the Organising Committee.
The MiradasDoc Festival awards prizes exclusively to the film-maker.
The MiradasDoc festival, through its selection committee, will propose two films from those entered for the competition, or by direct selection, for the Opening and Closing Films.

The prizes awarded will be subject to the corresponding percentage of income tax deductions according to Spanish tax law.

Payment of the awards can be made via the transfer of the rights of collection (endorsement) with the presentation and registration of the document APPENDIX IV duly filled in and signed, prior to the presentation of all the documentation stipulated in Article 5.

Art. 6 – Sending films for projection

Once the works participating in the official competition section of the Guía de Isora International Documentary Film Festival, MiradasDoc, have been selected, the procedure is as follows:

Documentaries selected by the Selection Committee: a digital screening file weighing no more than 6GB will be sent to the festival organisation, including Spanish subtitles, and a trailer of the work with a maximum duration of 2 minutes. This must be sent at least fifteen days prior to the start of the festival. Likewise, a DCP copy can be sent (or the festival will organise the sending through the festival’s official courier company).

The producers of the works also authorise the use of a fragment of same (maximum duration of three minutes), to be disseminated in any media. The festival can use photographs of the works for advertising in press, leaflets, posters or other media, and include the works in the official catalogue or other festival publications.

Art. 7 – Programming

The Festival management team will establish the order and the date of screening of each documentary. Once a documentary has been entered, it can not be withdrawn before its screening at the Festival.

The Festival screenings will be held in Guía de Isora, with one screening per day per auditorium with a maximum of three screenings of each film on different days.

The MiradasDoc organisation reserves the right, in consideration of the prizes awarded, to promote the festival by organising three international and three national screenings of the winning films, on the basis of a cultural and non-profit project. It is understood that their authors or producers, by participating, grant permission for such projections.

Art. 8 – Storage of the works presented

All registered works will become part of the video library of the Festival, held in the Public Library of Guía de Isora, for use by researchers, for cultural and educational purposes and under no circumstances for commercial use. (In the event that, as a result of consultations within the Municipal Library, any public or private institution would like to organise the screening of a film, MiradasDoc will notify the contact email provided by those responsible for the film, and will not release copies to third parties under any circumstances).

Any other use of these works will be previously agreed in writing with the legal owners of the work.

Art. 9 – MiradasDoc Market Catalogue

After a separate selection process, some of the works registered in the festival will become part of the MiradasDocMarket catalogue of documentaries. MiradasDocMarket may open a specific call for screening with different dates to those of the call for entries to the MiradasDoc festival.

The films that become part of the MiradasDocMarket catalogue, and which therefore opt to be sold through its purchasing channels and distributors accredited by the festival, will be available for exclusive viewing and protected on a site specifically created by MiradasDocMarket on the Movibeta portal. In this virtual catalogue, accessible during the six months following the festival, access will only be available to buyers and commissioning editors accredited in the festival’s market and will be password-protected.

Art. 10 – Acceptance of the Rules

Registration in the Festival implies full acceptance of these rules. The interpretation of its contents shall be the responsibility of the Festival organisers. In case of dispute, the matter will be addressed under Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.