Mania Akbari, Douglas White / 75´ / 2019 / Iran

Direction: Mania Akbari, Douglas White
Script: Mania Akbari, Douglas White
Editing: Babak Salek, Majed Neisi, Ashkan Mehri, Amin Maher, Paria Kamyab, Hoda Taheri
Cinematography: Douglas White, Paria Kamyab, Mahshad Afshar, Mania Akbari
Sound Design: BabakSalek

Mania Akbari collaborates with British sculptor Douglas White to coin a tender fusion of language, where a meeting of cinema and sculpture investigates the processes of physical and psychological destruction and renewal. Begun a matter of weeks after first meeting, the film charts a deepening artistic and personal relationship exploring the nature of skin, family, death, water, desire and, throughout, a powerful will to form. Akbari looks into the connection between her body and the political history of Iran, investigating the relationship between her own physical traumas and the collective political memory of her birthplace. Remembrance and reconstruction provide a course, as she undergoes various surgeries on a body decimated by cancer. Her body’s history engages in a conversation of how bodies are traumatised, censored and politicized, and yet ultimately remain a site of possibility

Mania Akbari es una cineasta y artista reconocida internacionalmente. Sus películas provocativas, revolucionarias y radicales han sido recientemente objeto de retrospectivas en el BFI, Londres (2013), el DFI, Dinamarca (2014), el Oldenburg International Film Festival, Alemania (2014), Cyprus Film Festival, Chipre (2014) y la Nottingham Contemporary, Reino Unido (2018). Sus películas se han proyectado en festivales de todo el mundo y han recibido numerosos premios, incluyendo el German Independence Honorary Award, Oldemburgo (2014), Mejor Película, Sección Digital, Festival de Venecia (2004), entre otros. También ha realizado numerosas exposiciones por todo el mundo en galerías como la Tate Modern de Londres. Akbari se exilió de Irán y actualmente reside y trabaja en Londres.


Douglas White is a sculptor known for his evocative use of found objects and materials. White graduated from the Ruskin School of Art (2000) and Royal College of Art(2005), and has exhibited throughout the UK,Europe, the US and South America. He has held solo exhibitions at galleries including at Galerie Valerie Bach(Brussels), Galerie Gabriel Rolt(Amsterdam), MCA(Malta )andParadiseRow(London). Recent group exhibitions include‘Iconoclasts:Art Outside the Mainstream’ at Saatchi Gallery(London),‘Feito por Brasilieros’, Cidade Matarazzo (SaoPaolo) and ‘Islands’, Dairy Art Centre (London). He has recently completed site-specific sculptural commissions in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.