Nicolas Graux / 90´ / 2019 / Belgium

Direction: Nicolas Graux
Production: Julie Freres
Cinematography: Thomas Schira
Editing: David Vranken
Sound: Nicolas Graux

Laosan, a young family man, spends all his time smoking opium. For his community, lost in the heart of the Laotian jungle, opium farming is the only way to survive. But opium is also the poison that puts men to sleep and kills their desires.

Nicolas Graux born in 1988 in Liège, Belgium. Passionate about film, he graduated from IAD in 2012 with a Master in Film Directing. His graduation film, Boywith the Devil, between fiction and sensory experience, was shown in several festivals across Europe. In 2013, he co-founded the production society Replica,within which he created the video installationThe Flat Colony, about a decaying communist fresco. His short fiction film After Dawn(2017), shot in Poland, deals with homosexual desire on the backdrop of a repressive society. After Dawnwas selected in more than thirty international film festivals, including Premiers Plansd’Angers, Sarajevo and Palm Springs. Century of Smoke (2019) is his last work.