Jorge Leandro Colás / 71´ / 2019 / Argentina

Direction: Jorge Leandro Colás
Production: Carolina M. Fernández
Editing: Karina Expósito
Cinematography: Martín Larrea
Sound: Rodrigo Stambuk

Five hundred women and a handful of men get to the small town of Sierra Chica to visit the prisoners at its penitentiary every weekend. This prison complex has three units, it houses about 4000 inmates, and it’s surrounded by inns, bars and boardinghouses that work exclusively with the female visitors whose stay there is both massive and fleeting. Bibi’s boardinghouse and El Gallego’s bar are the two places where the visitors’ life stories come together, as stories marked by pain, love and desire.

Jorge Leandro Colás – Born in Río Negro, he studied Image and Sound at UBA. His first documentary film, “Retiro Shelter” (2009) participated in more than 30 festivals, including Mar del Plata (Best National Film), IDFA and Cinéma du Réel. Later, he made “The Football Boys” (2015) and “Pool Sweeper” (2017). His last film, “The visit” (2019) was shown at BAFICI and Biarritz Latin Film Festival.