Antonio Grunfeld / 85´ / 2019 / Guinea, Spain

Direction: Antonio Grunfeld
Production: Roi Carballido
Script: Rocío Cadahía Fernández
Editing: Gaspar Broullón, Álvaro Ayala
Cinematography: Rodrigo Vázquez “Harry”
Sound: Rodrigo Nkogo “Mac”

Marcelo Ndong, a sexagenary African artist trained in Spain, and who now runs a small nursery in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea), receives an unexpected proposal. As in so many other occasions he must mount a play, but this time, the argument will be him. His own life.

Supported by two of his best students, Marcelo will create in Malabo a play that will be represented in Santiago de Compostela. A personal and creative journey that will take them from post-colonial Guinea and Franco’s Spain, to the present of both countries, to go discovering little by little, through his incredible life journey as a mime, musician, actor, circus, but above all, migrant, the strong, and until now little known cultural ties that unite Equatorial Guinea and Spain. The documentary “Manoliño Nguema” is an argument in favor of migration, a positive look at the integrating and healing power of culture.

His work as documentary filmmaker has mainly focused on creating works of a social and cultural nature. He works with various NGOs and associations both in Equatorial Guinea and in Spain, always using audiovisual communication as a tool for social change.

His works have been shown and awarded at festivals such as the Shanghai Green Film Festival, the Biennial of Scientific Cinema of Ronda-Madrid-Mexico, the Green Me Global Festival for Sustainability in Berlin or the KO & DIGITAL International Solidarity Film Festival.