Deborah Stratman / 11´ / 2019 / USA

Direction: Deborah Stratman

Production: Deborah Stratman

Texts: Maya Deren

Editing: Deborah Stratman

Cinematography: Barbara Hammer

Sound: Deborah Stratman

A cross-generational binding of three filmmakers seeking alternative possibilities to power structures they’re inherently part of. The film grew out of abandoned film projects of Maya Deren and Barbara Hammer.Shot at the furthest point of a motorcycle trip Hammer took to Guatemala in 1975, and laced through with Deren’s reflections of failure, encounter and initiation in 1950s Haiti.


A vever is a symbolic drawing used in Haitian Voodoo to invoke a Loa, or god.

DEBORAH STRATMAN. Artist and filmmaker, Deborah Stratman makes films and artworks that investigate power, control and belief, considering how places, ideas, and society are intertwined.  Recent projects have addressed freedom, surveillance, sinkholes, comets, raptors, orthoptera, levitation, exodus, sisterhood and faith.  She teaches at the University of Illinois in Chicago.