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ONE TO ONE Pitching Meeting.

Miradas Market intends with the One to One Pitching-Meeting to present a new model of pitching, which is more personal and whose main objective is that the documentary projects that are under development or of scriptwriting should obtain funding.  
The purpose of this new model of pitching is to stimulate the meeting between producers and purchasing executives, facilitating co-production of projects of documentary cinema. In this way, One to One Pitching-Meeting is making a commitment to direct contact between producers and the   Commissioning Editors of the different television stations and distribution companies who attend the event. 
Divided into two phases, the first is centred on the meeting and first contact between producer/filmmaker and  Commissioning editors/distributors. The producers and/or filmmakers will briefly set out their project to the whole panel of Commissioning Editors and distributors present, and these, in their turn, will present the profile and objectives of their television channels, programmes or companies to the producers/filmmakers. 
In the second phase, each project will be presented and discussed individually with the Commissioning Editors or distributors, One to One, which may include the exhibition of a video, sound track proposal, or any other element which is considered necessary. 
In these sessions, agreements may emerge for co-production or pre-purchase of display rights. These sections will allow producers and/or filmmakers to enrich and develop the proposal as a result of the contributions of each one of the Commissioning Editors.
How should a project be presented?
The registration of documentaries for the Pitching is carried out through this web site by means of the electronic form. The applications should include: 
A Synopsis (What the film is about.)
Treatment (How the story will be told.)
Research plan
Budget for the script and the development of the project (in euros)
Financing Plan
Production Plan
Previous Films by the filmmaker.
He/She may likewise send the complete project via ordinary post with those graphic or audiovisual elements which are deemed suitable for consideration.
Who can present a project?
Producers from Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as producers from other countries whose project is to be carried out in the so-called countries of the South or which deal with subjects regarding north-south relations. 
Language of the project
Spanish or English.
A number of prizes are created for the development of the project for the producers who participate in the Pitching, as a collaboration in the development of their projects.
The prize-winning producers will sign a contract with the institution which grants the prize as a result of which they will be obliged to:

Carry out the development of the project within the maximum space of twelve months from the concession of the grant, and will hand this over to the company granting the prize.

Notify the body granting the support of any change which involves a substantive modification of the prize-winning project. 
Hand over the documents in justification (invoices) for the conduct of the project, up to the value of the support granted.  
Mention the funding received from this institution, in the final credits of the film.  
Periods of time and cost of registration
The period for the selection of projects for the PITCHING opens on 1st April and closes on 30th June 2008.
Registration is free of charge.
Once the projects are selected (a maximum of twelve projects) to participate in the pitching sessions they must pay a contribution of 200.
This contribution gives the right to the producers/directors to present their project at the pitching sessions on 5th November 2008, as well as to attend the Pitching Workshop (WorkShop) on 3rd and 4th November. The objective of the workshop is that the producers/directors selected for the pitching sessions should be able to prepare their presentation with the help of international tutors who are expert in the subject.

The costs of travelling and staying on the island of Tenerife are the responsibility of the producers/directors selected. They may contact the travel department of the festival, which will offer them different travel and accommodation options.

The organisation, through the sponsors of the festival, who are sensitive to the economic difficulties of the filmmakers, will offer travel grants to participants in the Pitching who are travelling from Asia, Africa or Latin America.