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One Goal
Director: Sergi Agusti
Football and Peace.  When passion is joined with dreams. Icons of war converted into symbols of hope. The road of the amputees' football team from Sierra Leone in search of their dignity. One Goal is an objective. But it is also a passion. This short documentary takes us along the pathway to Peace that a group of young amputees began years ago. Through the power of their play they have managed to become an example for their society.
After the projection of the film, One Goal, those who have watched will have the opportunity to listen to Sergi Agusti, the director of the film and a member of the football team who will go more deeply into the team and the activities that it undertakes all round the country as an impressive example of activism.  
The director will then launch a debate in which the following subjects will be discussed, among others: prejudice about Africa, NGOs, the media, victimisation as a burden slowing down development.  Subjects to start off with for a thrilling debate.