On the streets of an European capital, people run to carry out their daily tasks. Underneath these same streets, underground galleries form a plot that reflects the city. To isolate themselves from the European world, Samir and Jaffar, friends from Sudan, regularly go down to the subways and, under the oscillating light of candles, evoke their dreams and with them what they left behind and their concerns with life on the surface.

Brunna Laboissière, Brazilian director and producer, began her film career working on short films as a production and photography assistant. In 2018, she premiered “Fabiana”, her first feature film, selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019 (Bright Future Competition), Indielisboa, Olhar de Cinema (Audience Award), among others. She is currently working on the post production of the short film “Harak” and on the development of two feature films: “Ajagunã”; and “Pedreras”, which she will develop in an artistic residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

Founded in 2016 by Brunna Laboissière, Artemisia Filmes is a Brazilian audiovisual production company dedicated to independent and auteur films, especially documentaries.

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