That reality is a construction of language is something that is known to both the head of communications of a political campaign and the marketing manager of the most ambitious merchants, both the editor of a newspaper and the documentary maker who goes out into the street in search of the smallest possible intermediation between the present and the presence. Nevertheless, the difference between the use that each of these people makes of that same composition of what is real does not have so much to do with the “story” of the world that they come to via different paths as the moral principle which regulates the process of construction to which they subject reality. It is one thing that human beings depend on the linguistic tool to be able to look out at the world and it is another very different thing that the world ceases at some point to certify, through the experience of the real, a truth.
Unlike what happens with the banker, the multinational or the establishment, the documentary maker always aspires to oblige his language to “tell the truth”, and that principle, of a moral nature, is what gives reality cinema its meaning and what makes it necessary once it is put in front of the public. MiradasDoc aims to be a festival of that multiple, diverse, profuse and ungraspable reality that is truth. A festival of what is true. That is the challenge that we initially set ourselves; now and always. Let us walk the path together.