Florencia Inés González / 67’ / 2015/ España

Dirección / Direction: Florencia Inés González
Producción / Production: Florencia Inés González
Guión / Script: Florencia Inés González
Edición / Editing: Alejandro Brodersohn, Karin Marzocchini
Fotografía / Cinematography: Florencia Inés González,
Valeria Ordóñez
Sonido / Sound: Martín Grignaschi

This is the story of an ordinary man who decided to become a pastor from a «Miracle» that cured his mother of a terminal cancer, and did his alcoholic and violent father stop drinking. But is de story about six people in particular, and a group of parishioners in general, who follow this pastor because their lives were «changed». Up here would be a normal story about religion. But Diego Gebel is not a ordinary pastor…

aplauso_dirFLORENCIA INÉS GONZÁLEZ (Buenos Aires, Argentina 1972) has a degree in filmmaking and directing at the Universidad of Cinema in Buenos Aires. While in college, she wrote and directed three short films: Lenta va la noche (1991) Azul, casi transparentes (1993) y Peceses (1995) Between 1994 and 2000 she worked both as a Director’s Assistant and in the script department for long feature films, TV and commercials. At the same time, she coached and trained child actors. In 1998, she filmed her first documentary, Aicanflai and Chico prodigio en 2000. In 2001, she moved to Madrid, where she filmed the documentaries En otro lugar (2002) and, together with Natacha Mazzitelli, En tránsito (2005). In 2007 she lived in Buenos Aires, where she worked as Casting Director for El Grillo Casting. She also worked as a coach for child actors in commercials. She has been living in Madrid since 2002, working as Casting Director for commercials, alternating with documentary jobs as a freelance director for Canal Nou and Educathyssen, among others. An applause to He who lives is her fifth documentary feature
Documentary Filmography
Aicanflai Dur /22’/ 1998/ Buenos Aires.
Chico prodigio /44’/ 2000/ Buenos Aires.
En otro lugar /30’/ 2001/ Madrid.
Autopia /1.30’/ 2002/ La Palma.
En tránsito /53’/ 2006/ Madrid/ Codirigido con N.Mazzitelli.
Pilar la encajera /2012/ Madrid.
Aurora en la ventana /2011/ Madrid.
Al abrigo del tiempo /2011/ Madrid.
Flashbacks /2011/ Madrid.
¿Qué es Educathyssen? /2012/ Madrid.
P.E.C /2013/ Madrid
Un aplauso al que vive /68’/ 2014/Buenos Aires y Madrid