acostaJonny Acosta is a musician, composer and producer with more than 25 years of experience on the
stage. He has promoted and been part of countless musical projects in La Palma.

Now, he is releasing his solo project Efímera vida bonita, an emotional manifest by a free soul who openly reveals his deepest experiences in a journey through beautiful harmonies and tenderness at its purest. His understanding of life knows no paralysis nor bonds, no barriers nor boundaries.
Along with his guitar, his influences are many and varied, as a result of a long career where he has built up an inscrutable bond with music. He composes, records,
produces and performs his elegant work himself. He takes care of every detail as if it were his own child.

His live performances are touching and honest. He unfolds his heart in a musical journey, inviting the audience to join him in a world filled with love, affection, sorrow, gratitude and calm. He adds audiovisual elements to the show, transporting the audience beyond the limits of their imagination.