Regulations and Conditions

  1. Registration is free of charge. The registration must be carried out by filling in the electronic registration form on the web page of Movibet,, Section MiradasDoc. Any registration which does not fulfil these rules will be automatically excluded from the competition.
  2. The deadline for the acceptance of works will be determined at the moment of publication of these conditions.
  3. The production of the work must be subsequent to 1st January 2014.
  4. Each participant may present one or more documentaries. Each documentary must be entered for only one of the following Competitions and categories:

International Competition: Best Documentary, Best Short Film and Best First Work.
National Competition: Best Documentary with a Social Subject.
Canarian Competition: Best Documentary.

  1. The festival requires as projection formats the HD video file or professional video (Blu Ray). The selected films must present a projection copy with subtitles in Spanish.
  2. In order to participate in the selection it will be necessary, once the electronic registration is complete, to upload the film as a digital file to the aforementioned platform.

Together with the film, it is obligatory to attach to the film’s entry the following documents:

  • Stills of the film
  • A portrait of the director
  • Biography-filmography of the director
  • Synopsis of the film
  • Complete technical specifications
  • List of dialogues
  1. The juries will be made up of persons of renown in the audiovisual or cultural worlds. Three juries will be created, each one of which will be made up of three persons (International Short and Full-Length Documentary Jury, First Work and National Prize Jury and the Canarian Jury). Likewise, in order to determine the Opening Film, Closing Film and the film for EnseñanDoc, the management of the festival will act as the Jury. Buyers and Commissioning Editors of the market panel will make up the jury of the Pitching Award, as well as other awards granted by sponsors.
  2. The members of the jury may not compete as film-maker, director or producer.
  3. The totality of the participating works, whether or not they are selected, will form part of the documentary archive of the Festival, deposited at the Municipal Public Library in Guía de Isora, and may not be used under any circumstances for profit by the organisation.
  4. The documentaries presented for competition may be selected for Screening at MiradasDoc Market.
  5. In order to take part in the First Work Prize, the work must be the first full-length documentary or documentary short by the film-maker.
  6. MiradasDoc considers those documentaries which do not exceed 30 minutes in length to be documentary shorts.
  7. Films entered for the National Prize may not have been shown on the Canary Islands.
  8. The films which are entered for the International Prize may only have competed previously at one Spanish festival and may not have been shown on television or on any internet portal.
  9. Films entered for the Canarian Competition may not have been shown in television or any internet portal.
Art. 1 – Objectives

The International Guía de Isora Documentary Film Festival, MiradasDoc, has among its main objectives the dissemination and promotion of documentaries on social subjects – in the widest sense of the term – produced anywhere in the world, with the idea that there is a direct way of understanding, observing and making visible the social processes which take place in human society in general nowadays.

Being conscious of the growth in importance of the documentary genre in this country, the Festival Organising Committee has decided that it is necessary to include a competition section devoted to promoting Spanish documentaries.

In the same way, the interests of MiradasDoc include the documentary on a freely-chosen subject produced in the Canary Islands, with the aim of contributing to the development of the documentary in our islands.

In this way, three different areas are established in the official competition section of MiradasDoc: the international prize, the national prize and the Canarian prize. In turn, the international prize is divided into prizes for a full-length film, a short film and a first work.

In this way, three different areas are established in the official competition section of MiradasDoc: the international prize, the national prize and the Canarian prize. In turn, the international prize is divided into the prize for a full-length film, a short film and a first work.

In the same way, MiradasDoc brings together other events related with documentaries:

MiradasDoc Market has as its objective the distribution, sale, development and funding of documentary films on social subjects from anywhere in the world, and for this purpose it organises pitching sessions, a screening and professional sessions of lectures, talks and workshops. Furthermore, MiradasDoc Market includes among its objectives the development of the documentary panorama of the Canary Islands and so it makes it possible for Canarian producers to participate in this market by means of the creation of a Canarian VIP Pass.

Another very important aspect of the objectives of MiradasDoc is training. The training of professionals in the audiovisual sphere is one of the keys to the development of an audiovisual industry in many territories which unfortunately do not have either the learning infrastructure or the necessary infrastructure for specialist and competitive training. For this reason, MiradasDoc holds the International Documentary Workshops. In the same way, the creation and training of audiences for this kind of cinema is one of the key parts in the work of MiradasDoc and the reason for which each year a docu-forum known as “Con Otros Ojos” (with other eyes) is held for secondary pupils.

Art. 2 – Regularity

The International Documentary Film Festival, MiradasDoc, is held annually. The opening and closing dates as well as those for the deadlines for different events will be decided by the Organising Committee.

Art. 3 – Events

MiradasDoc consists of the following events:

  1. Festival

The “OFFICIAL SECTION” is made up of three competitions:

“INFORMATION SECTION”, which is non-competitive. This section aims to offer a viewing of the best of international documentaries. The criteria which are followed in designing this section, as well as the number of showings included in the programme each year will be determined by the organising committee. The different showings which make up this information section are:

“MIRADA PERSONAL”, a non-competitive section made up of an indeterminate number of documentaries by way of a retrospective tribute to a film-maker of renown.

“DOCURAMA”. This section is entirely devoted to the documentary cinema of countries from the continents of interest to the festival. Both the current production of these countries and retrospective material will be included.

“DOCUMENTARY AND TELEVISION”, which will have as its objective each year to offer a view of some aspect of the current state of documentary films on television.

“LA REALIDAD EN LA FICCIÓN” a screening of fictional cinema dealing with real problems.

The organising Committee reserves the right to modify, according to the interests of the festival, the general structure of the themed screenings.

Parallel activities. “Foro de las miradas”

The activities which take place in parallel to the MiradasDoc Festival combine the lectures and theoretical sessions with the working groups and the projection of documentaries in the different sections. A new manifestation of this “Foro de las miradas” are the thematic itineraries of the festival, established according to and starting from the films which form part of both the screenings and the official sections of the festival. These itineraries, designed to make it possible to go deeper into each selected subject area incorporate a number of talks by especially designated specialists, talks on films dealing with that subject, meetings with directors, meetings with local agents, special screenings, etc.

  1. Market [MiradasDoc Market]

“MIRADASDOC MARKET” is a market aimed at producers/ film-makers of documentaries with a social subject, produced anywhere in the world (with the idea that there are traceable social processes which it is of interest to know about) who have projects under development and who wish to gain funding from television stations and other sources of development (pitching), or alternatively projects which are already complete which need distribution or screening.

  1. Documentary cinema workshops

The Festival Organisation will hold, during the MiradasDoc Festival, workshops devoted to the theory, practice, development and criticism of documentaries given by outstanding documentary film-makers of international prestige.

The open workshops, of a number and on subjects to be determined for each edition of the festival by the festival organisers, consist of twenty-hour programmes aimed at both professionals and students of the genre. The cost of the registration will be set by the organising committee according to the nature of the workshop and will be published each year on the festival web page at the beginning of the registration period.

The Doc-Exprés workshop is considered to be a closed event, and it is only possible to attend by invitation. It is aimed at documentary film schools, or audiovisual schools from all over the world. The idea of Doc-Exprés is a practical exercise, in which teams of five persons are made up which have to create a documentary of no more than five minutes in length over the duration of the festival. These pieces are presented one day before the close of the festival at a public screening expressly organised by MiradasDoc.

(EnseñanDoc) In MiradasDoc we open our doors to young students and their education through EnseñanDoc: the programed screening should fomr them as citizens. Nowadays, education can not consist exclusively of the passsing down of theoretical elements, it must also convey standpoints and positive civic values. And within this framework, MiradasDoc offers young students tools to develop a civic culture, active, responsible and critical participation in public life and such attitudes and values as: tolerance, social justice, equality, human rights, solidarity, participation, human dignity…which will help them in the process of training themselves to be responsible citizens.

Each year the selection committee of the festival will choose, from among the films selected for the official section, one which is especially suitable for showing to secondary school audiences or those from the final part of primary school. Special conditions for the projection will be agreed with the director or the producer of the films and the director and leading characters from the selected documentary will be present during the morning of the festival so as to be able to hold a docu-forum with students from the islands. A teaching guide will be prepared for the film so that schools can prepare the viewing and the talk related with the selected subject.

Art. 4 – Conditions for Those Registered for the Official Section

The documentaries registered in the OFFICIAL SECTION must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Only those films produced after 1st January 2014 may register.
  • The films will be presented for selection in their original version, preferably with Spanish subtitles or at least in English or French. The films making up the official section (once the selection process is complete) must send a professional copy with subtitles in Spanish.
  • The format for projection of the documentary must be an HD video file or professional video (Blu Ray)
  • The films may be feature length or shorts. Those documentaries which do not exceed a duration of 30 minutes are considered shorts.
  • Racist, sexist and/or xenophobic films will not be accepted.
  • Each film-maker may present the number of films he or she wishes.
  • Each work may only be entered for a single competition category (the selection committee reserves the right to select a movie for a different competition category than the one for which the film was initially registered. This changes will be reported to the contact falicitated during the registration process).
  • Those films which are entered for the International Prize may only have competed previously at one Spanish festival.
  • Those films which are entered for the National Prize may not have been shown previously on the Canary Islands, neither on television, on the internet, etc.
  • All the annual documentary film production of the Canary Islands may be selected for the Festival, but only those films which have not been shown on television may win a prize.
Art. 5 – Registration Process, Date, Prizes

In order to take part in the Festival selection, it is necessary to proceed in the following manner:

Registration of documentaries for the Official Competition Section:
The interested party should fill in the details of the registration form which is on the online platform, section MiradasDoc.

Only those registrations made using the above-mentioned electronic form will be valid, and other means of registration such as e-mail, fax or ordinary mail will not be accepted.

In order to take part in the selection, it will be necessary, once the electronic registration has been filled in, to upload the film in a digital file to that same online platform. This process ist free of charge.

Together with the film, it is obligatory to send the following documents in computer format (word or similar):

  • Stills from the film
  • Portrait of the director
  • Biography-filmography of the director
  • Synopsis of the film
  • Complete technical specifications
  • List of dialogues

Registration deadline
For this edition, the opening date is set for the next day of the approval of these Rules by the Local Government. The closing date of the call is set on July 20. Given special circumstances, the Festival’s management may extend the call until July 30. This extension will be published on the website of the festival, with a notice of 15 days prior to closure of the call.

No works will be accepted after the deadline.

The selection will be conducted by a selection committee composed of persons of recognized standing in the world of audiovisual or culture. The Selection Committee will select among the registered works.

First Phase: in which a first viewing of the films entered in the festival is done and establish reports each from valuation records.

Second Phase: In which the viewing of movies scored in the first phase above six (out of 10 possible points) is performed.

Once the process of selection is complete, all the participants will be notified of the result, whether they have been selected or not, through the festival web page. The films selected will receive an e-mail confirming their selection. At this point, a professional copy of the film with Spanish subtitles will be required together with the necessary documentation for payment of the prize money if the film were to win a prize. For Spanish citizens or residents, DNI, bank details, and an “alta a terceros” form. For non-Spanish citizens or residents, passport, bank details and bank credentials will be needed.

Both the films in the official competition section and those that are decided by the Selection Committee according to their powers will form part of the MiradasDoc Market catalogue so as to be available for sale to the television channels accredited at the market. For this reason, the films might be viewed at the festival documentary library by the accredited purchasers and commissioning editors. With the aim of improving the chances of purchase, MiradasDoc will this year set up a space of its own within the Movibeta portal, where the films can be viewed exclusively by buyers and commissioning editors accredited at the market during the month following the holding of the market.

The Festival will keep a digital copy of the films presented at the festival, which will form part of an audiovisual archive for professionals to consult which is kept at the Municipal Public Library in Guía de Isora.

From among all the documentaries selected for the OFFICIAL COMPETITION SECTION, three juries each made up of three members who are international professionals in the documentary genre or the world of culture, will decide on the award of the following prizes:


Official prizes:

MiradasDoc Prize for the Best Documentary. €4,000. The MiradasDoc Prize for the Best Documentary is a recognition of the documentary work and the author. (International Jury)

Prize for the Best Documentary Shortfilm. €1,500. The prize for the Best Documentary Short expresses our commitment to this less-than-30-minute format. (International Jury)

Prize for the Best First Work. €2,000. This prize is awarded as a support for new film-makers and their first works. (Jury for Best First Work and National prize)

Special Prizes:
The following special prizes are awarded among all the documentaries selected for the different categories of the Official Competition Section:

Special Audience Prize. Honorary. The audience attending the festival chooses their favourite documentaries and votes during the time that the event lasts.

Honorary prizes:
The jury may award an honorary prize to one of the selected documentaries in each official category: Best Documentary, Best Documentary Short and Best First Work.


Prize for the Best Spanish Documentary. €2,000. The explosion of the documentary in Spain over the last few years has led us to create a special prize devoted to documentaries produced in this country. (Jury for First Works and the National Prize). Honorary Prize.


Prize for the Best Canarian Documentary. €2,000. This prize is awarded as a support for the documentary-makers of the Canary Islands, with the aim of contributing to the development of the documentary in our islands. (Canarian Jury). Honorary Prize.


The panel of buyers and commisioning editors of MiradasDocMarket will elect annually from among the projects selected for presentation at the pitching, a development prize endowed with 2,000 euros and other prizes whose allocation will be determined in the process of producing the festival and linked to possible external sponsorships.


In order to be eligible for the First Work Prize, the film must be the first documentary full-length feature or short by its maker or makers.

The members of the jury may not compete as a film-maker or producer.

No prize may be awarded jointly to two or more films.

The prize will be subject to withholding as set down in the Spanish income tax regulations (I.R.P.F.)

The producers of the prizewinning films should use the MiradasDoc festival logo in their advertising and/or the text of the award.

In future editions of the Festival, the economic variations of the prizes set down will be agreed by the Organising Committee.

The MiradasDoc Festival awards prizes exclusively to the film-maker.

The MiradasDoc festival, through its selection committee, will propose one title from among the films entered for competition, or by direct selection, for the Opening Film and the Closing Film.

The MiradasDoc festival, through its organising committee, grants a prize for the career in documentary cinema called “Mirada personal”. This prize includes a screening devoted to the prizewinner.

Art. 6 – Proceedings for Selected Works

Once the works are selected for the Official Competition Section of the International Documentary Film Festival of Guía de Isora, MiradasDoc, it is necessary to proceed in the following manner:

Documentaries selected by the Selection Committee: a digital file for projection will be sent to the Festival organisers that is no larger than 6GB, including a trailer of the work with a maximum duration of two minutes and subtitles in Spanish, fifteen (15) days before the date of commencement of the festival.

The producers of the works also authorise the use of an excerpt (maximum three minutes’ duration), for use in any medium. The Festival may use photographs of the works for advertising in the press, on leaflets or other means of communication, and may include the works in the official catalogue or other Festival publications.

Art. 7 – Rules for Screening the Selected Works

The Organising Committee of the Festival and its Advisory Committee will decide on the order and date of screening of each documentary. Once the documentary is registered, it may not be withdrawn before it is screened at the Festival. The festival does not pay a fee to the films selected for competition.

The screenings within the Festival will take place in the borough of Guía de Isora, at a rate of one showing per day and per auditorium, with a maximum of three screenings on different days.

The organization of MiradasDoc reserves the right to organise, in order to promote the festival, three international projections and three national projections of the prizewinning films always under the regime of a cultural project and on a not-for-profit basis. It is understood that the film-makers and producers, by the act of taking part in the festival, grant authorisation for such projections.

Art. 8 – The Festival Video Library

All the registered works will go on to form part of the Festival Video Library, deposited at the Municipal Public Library in Guía de Isora, for the use of researchers, for cultural and educational purposes and under no circumstances for commercial use (guaranteeing in any case the copyright and intellectual property of the films, reserving the screening rights in the different Cultural Circuits).

Any other use of these works will be previously agreed in writing with the legal owners of the works.

Art. 9 – MiradasDoc Market Catalogue

A selection of the works registered for the festival will go on to form part, after an independent process of selection, of the MiradasDoc Market Documentary Catalogue. MiradasDoc Market may hold a specific screening on dates different from those of the MiradasDoc festival.

Those films which are included in the MiradasDoc Market catalogue and which are therefore available for sale to the purchasing channels and distributors accredited at the festival will be available for exclusive and protected viewing at a website expressly created by MiradasDoc Market at the Movibeta portal. That virtual catalogue, which can be used to view the films during the month following the holding of the market, is only accessible to those purchasers and commissioning editors accredited at the festival market and will be protected by using passwords.

Art. 10 – Acceptance of the Rules

Registration for the Festival involves full acceptance of the present Regulations. The interpretation of the Rules will be the responsibility of the Festival organisers. In the case of controversy, the matter will be dealt with under Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.