montxoMontxo Armendáriz

(Navarre, 1949) is one of the great Spanish directors. Since starting out in cinema with the short film, Barregarriarendantza (Funny dance), his first work, and on to Tasio, 27 horas (Twenty-seven Hours), Las cartas de Alou (Letters from Alou), Historias del Kronen (Stories from the Kronen), Secretos del corazón (Secrets of the Heart), Silencioroto (Broken Silence), Escenario móvil (Moving Stage), Obaba, or No tengas miedo (Don’t be Afraid), his work has received some of the most prestigious awards that are granted in the world of cinema. In 1986, he won the Silver Shell at the San Sebastián International Film Festival with 27 horas. His next work, Las cartas de Alou, earned him a series of awards both in Spain and abroad, including a Goya for best original screenplay and a Golden Shell in San Sebastián. With Historias del Kronen, a statement on youth nihilism, he created one of the best box-offices successes in Spanish cinema to that date. He received a second Goya for this film. However, his most well-known film was Secretos del corazón, the best European film at the Berlin Film Festival in 1997.


andreacalsAndrea Cals
Journalist trained at the Federal Fluminense University, Andrea Cals has always been connected with the world of art and culture, especially in the Brazilian world of cinema. She has been an actress and publicist, and has worked with many artists from the field of theatre, visual arts, music, and film. In 2003, she was invited to participate in the ‘Festival do Rio’ International Film Festival as the organiser of the Premiere Brasil, a task which led her to acquire a thorough understanding of Brazilian cinema today. Inspired by the knowledge obtained during these years of work with FestRio, she created the radio programme Cine en sintonía, specialising in Brazilian cinema, broadcast on Radio Roquette Pinto for the last five years. Most recently, Andrea
Cals was invited to join the “Canal Corto!” team, a new premium channel for which she is a producer, journalist, and presenter.


tolentinoJavier Tolentino
Is the director of El SéptimoVicio, a film programme on Radio 3. He is one of the most renowned cinematic critics in Spain and is known for his commitment and analytical skills. He is also author of Julieta en el País de las Maravillas: una conversación con Norma Aleadro (Ocho y medio, 2014)

mirandaLuis Miranda
(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1970) has worked as the Director of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Cinema Festival since 2015, where he has been a producer since 2003 and organiser since 2011. He graduated in Art History, specialising in Cinema History and Aesthetics at the University of Valladolid, and he holds a degree in Advanced Studies in Cinema History from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Author of the book Takeshi Kitano (2006, Filmmaker Series of Ediciones Cátedra), and editorial coordinator of the books China siglo XXI: desafíos y dilemas de un nuevo cine independiente, 1992-2007 (China 21st Century:Challenges and Dilemmas for a New Independent Cinema, 1992-2007) (2007, Granada Festival – Cines del Sur) and Las edades de Apu. Estudios sobre la Trilogía de Satyajit Ray (The Ages of Apu. Studies on the SatyajitRay Trilogy) (2013, ‘Cuadernos de Cine – La filmoteca de Alejandría’, Film Room at the ULPGC), he has published about twenty articles in various books and publications specialising in History of Film. He has given specialised post-graduate courses in Charles III University of Madrid and in the University of Zaragoza, and elective courses in the Film Rooms in A Coruña and the ULPGC, sitting on the governing council of the latter. He is the editorial consultant of the international film theory and history magazine, LFU – La FuriaUmana.


boschAngela Bosch
Has been an official consultant, since 2014, for the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and organiser of the internationalisation programme for the Association of Audiovisual Producers of the Balearic Islands. She is also the adviser and consultant for distribution and promotion in international markets and festivals. She has participated in several workshops, talks, conferences, and round tables in various countries and international festivals (FILM FEST TRAINING GROUND in Espinho, Portugal, Spanish Festival in Rome, Maremostra Festival in Palma de Mallorca, or in the Zadar Film Forum Festival in Croatia, amongst others. She is the general director of the CATALAN FILMS & TV consortium for the internationalisation of the Catalan audiovisual industry. Director of content, programming, and production at the digital channel, Cosmopolitan TV, Grupo Hearst Entertainment (USA). Executive producer of the Spanish film magazine La Gran Ilusión, directed by Concha García Campo y Producción of LOLAFILMS for TELE 5. Director of the International Sales Department for LOLAFILMS S.A. She has been a member of the European Film Academy (EFA) from 2012 to present. Member of the Commission for state aid (public subsidy) to produce feature and documentary films of the Spanish Ministry of Culture (ICAA) during 2014 and 2015. A member at the cinematic awards organised by the Institute of Film and the Audiovisual Arts (July 2013). Member of the commission for state aid granted by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia
for Academic Audiovisual Training Projects. Organised by PROIMAGENES.
Jury member at the Regiofun International Festival (Poland), October 2013.Jury member at the MECAL International Short Film and Animation Festival, 2014.

negrinSantiago Negrín
Is the director of Radio TelevisiónCanaria. He has a degree in Philology and Information Science from the University of San Fernando de La Laguna. He has been an editor and presenter at TVT (Televisión Tenerife), as well as editor and contributor to the newspaper La Gaceta de Canarias. He is a member of the founding news services team of TelevisiónCanaria, where he was a presenter and editor between 1999 and 2004. In the field of corporate and institutional communication, he served as head of communication at CompañíaCervecera de Canarias. He was director of communication for the President of the Canary Islands, and communications and image advisor for the President of the Canary Islands, Adán Martín, for the 6th legislature. Of note, also, is his time spent in the Parliament of the Canary Islands, where he was head of communications, and the consulting work he has done for various types
of companies and institutions.


alvaroÁlvaro Marcos Arvelo Iglesias
(Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1965), director of Cultural Department
at the CajaCanarias Foundation, is a narrator and poet. As manager of the Publications Service at CajaCanarias, he has coordinated the La Caja Literaria, Aislados, and Biblioteca Pérez Minik collections. With the journalist, J.M. Pardellas, in 2005, he created the
Enciende África forum. He has published: El pasaje (1995), novel; El jardín de los durmientes (1997), stories, Premio Ciudad de La Laguna; El cine como en crucijada (1997); A veces comprendemos algo (2005), stories; or Al sueño polar de golondrinas (2010), novel. He is also author of the play El círculo de tiza (1999), PremioTeatro de Autor, and of the book of poems Profesión de náufrago (2004).


renartLuis Renart
(Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1978) is the managing director of the ‘ClústerAudiovisual de Canarias’ (Canary Islands Audiovisual Group). He holds a degree in Law, a graduate degree in Film Production, and a master’s degree in Management of the Film Industry from Charles III University of Madrid, he has over twelve years of experience in production and international distribution of audiovisual works. Currently, he holds a management position at the Consorcio de Exportación Audiovisual de las Islas Canarias (Canary Islands Connection), dedicated to the international distribution of audiovisual works and services from the Canary Islands.