Pablo Márquez / 78’ / 2014 / México /

Dirección / Direction: Pablo Márquez
Producción / Production: Argentina 13
Edición / Editing: Pablo Márquez
Fotografía / Cinematography: Daniel Melo
Sonido / Sound: Pablo Márquez
Música Original / Original Music: Saul Ledezma

This documentary film embarks on a visual and anthropological journey through the essence of mankind’s spirit, across the thin line dividing excessive faith in religious belief and the passion with which the human race devotes itself to mundane pleasures in a city which harmoniously coexists with these two facets. Religion, faith, politics, violence and death are intimately bound in this portrayal of society.

profano_dirPablo Márquez (Mexico, 1974) obtained from his father his greatest inspiration to become director. It was he who showed the beauty of the film world. He studied Audiovisual Arts at the University of Guadalajara. During his student days he made his first film project, a documentary that portrayed the lives of people living in a traveling circus. The circus, heart eternity managed not only recognition of their teachers, but also the festivals in Germany, Cuba and Spain. Márquez has worked more than thirty-five short films.