agulo_dangarAGULO DANGAR EXPERIENCE is the artistic project of a very young emerging Gomeran guitarist: Daniel García Ravelo (Dangar). The quartet that he presents in the GUÍA DE IDENTIDAD Festival will reveal a varied repertoire, assisted in some sections by the voice of singer Dory Acosta. She has been specially invited for the occasion as the vocal counterpoint in an instrumental series where the electric guitar is the star among standards of blues, bolero, bossa nova…

angar grew up listening to the cover versions that his father, the guitarist David García, his uncles (Moisés and Abel García, bassist and drummer, respectively) and Eduardo Lugo, also from Agulo, performed year after year during the rehearsals of their band: Algarete. These family lessons helped him when he became an outstanding pupil of Mexican master Álex Altamirano, who guided his talent and broadened his aspirations.

The “experience” that Dangar proposes is showcased through a trio formed by two music veterans with a long and versatile career: the guitarist Rubén Díaz (40 years active as a performer, arranger and producer) and the bassist Esteban Ledesma (a member in different bands and orchestras, and more recently, a member of Soul Sanet). The drums and percussion of Brazilian Tiago Brauna are the cherry on top. All four of them have worked in different productions by Solfatara.