Pilar Monsell / 66’ / 2014 / España

  • Fotograma áfrica 815

Dirección / Direction: Pilar Monsell
Producción / Production: Pilar Monsell
Guión / Script: Pilar Monsell
Edición / Editing: Pilar Monsell
Fotografía / Cinematography: Pilar Monsell
Sonido / Sound: Clara Sanz, Jonathan Darch
Música Original / Original Music: Pau Vida

Going in depth into her father’s photo archive and diaries about his experience during the military service at the Sahara spanish colony in 1964, Pilar spots the lost paradise where he always would try to come back.

Pilar Monsell (Córdoba, 1979). The first work as director Pilar Monsell, Distancias, it receives the Audience Award at the 49th Festival dei Popoli 2008 (Florence). In 2009, she joined the Laboratory of Creation Play Doc – Tui Documentary Festival to participate in the direction of a filmed portrait that was carried out between 2009-2013. In 2012 she ends Pan, trabajo y libertad, presented the same year at the International Film Festival-Doc Lisboa. During 2013 She films the short Vulcão. She is currently presenting her first feature film Africa 815, and she develops her next film State Estado de la costa.