Ivan Gergolet / 75’ / 2014 Itali

  • fotograma Dancing with maría

Dirección / Direction: Ivan Gergolet
Producción / Production: Igor Princic, David Rubio, Miha Cernec
Guión / Script: Ivan Gergolet
Edición / Editing: Natalie Cristiani
Fotografía / Cinematography: Ivan Gergolet, David Rubio
Sonido / Sound: Havir Gergolet, Francesco Morosini
Música Original / Original Music: Luca Ciut

Maria Fux is a 90 years old Argentinian dancer. In her studio in the heart of Buenos Aires she is still dancing, teaching and conserving the elegance and the energy of a young performer. She accepts all kinds of people in her classes forming integrated groups of dancers. She gives everybody the possibility to develop their own way of expressing themselves and gets out the talent from dancers of all ages and conditions.

IVAN GERGOLET was born in Italy in 1977 and graduated in cinema in the the Bologna University. Since 2001 he wrote and directed awarded short films, documentaries, industrial videos and worked as assistant director and production assistant in several projects. He has filmed Making Archeo Film (2011), Ouverture (2010), Dust (2009), Medea’s Collection (2008), When fires burn out (2005) and Akropolis (2005).