Hooshang Mirzaee / 40’ / 2013 / Irán

  • Fotograma I dance wiht God

Dirección / Direction: Hooshang Mirzaee
Producción / Production: Hooshang Mirzaee
Guión / Script: Hooshang Mirzaee
Edición / Editing: Hooshang Mirzaee
Fotografía / Cinematography: Majid Qorbanifar
Sonido / Sound: Jafar Khoshkho
Música Original / Original Music: Mirza Moradi

Director 2 I dance with godHooshang Mirzaee was born in Iran in 1961. He studied at the IRIB Film Center and then took up painting. With his first film Requiem for soil he became recognized as one of the most important young directors in Iran while with Something like my Eyes he won many international awards including the 24° Festival Tous Courts Présentation et Palmarés 2006.

Ali and Khavar are an elderly couple living in a hamlet in a remote part of Iran. Ali is blind as a result of a hunting accident, but his blindness has not prevented him from becoming a tailor, a farmer and a good husband … But above all, and most importantly, it does not stop him from being happy