Delphine Fedoroff / 70’ / 2014 / Bélgica

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Dirección / Direction: Delphine Fedoroff
Producción / Production: Delphine Fedoroff
Edición / Editing: Hervé Brindel
Fotografía / Cinematography: Delphine Fedoroff

In April 1986, humankind is confronted with one of the greatest ecological disasters in their History: a nuclear explosion of unparalleled magnitude. Exclusion zones are set up to accommodate the disaster survivors. The village of Dytiatky and its inhabitants refuse to integrate into an exclusion zone and continue to live on their land, with their traditions and histories. There are premature deaths among those displaced and a saving continuity for the Samossiols, those who “resist/return.” After 25 years, what does this community think about its journey? And what do their grandchildren think?

Delphine Fedoroff (1980) began to study psychology, but abandoned these studies to work in cinema. From the beginning he was involved in the political community, with thinkers, actors and creators. The Desimages organization, which has worked through production schedules and neighbourhood, became a
place of attachment for her, and in a way to express their creative personality. For this director, “art or cinema should be as close as possible to a battle.” Fedoroff lives in Liege, Belgium.