Marcelo Rabuñal / 67’ / 2015 / Uruguay

  • Fotgrama Detrás del mito

Dirección / Direction: Marcelo Rabuñal
Producción / Production: Martín Ubillos
Guión / Script: Marcelo Rabuñal
Edición / Editing: Dan Avram, Marcelo Rabuñal
Fotografía / Cinematography: Germán Nocella
Sonido / Sound: Román Impallomeni, Fernando Serkochián
Música Original / Original Music: Román Impallomeni

Artigas is the beloved hero of Uruguay. His image is always present. Every coin, every school and every government office has his portrait. Uruguayans believes that this is his real face but that is an invention of the artist Juan Manuel Blanes, who along with a group of intellectuals decided to create a hero and the national identity.

Marcelo Rabuñal was born on Montevideo, Uruguay on 1980. He is Audiovisual Communication graduate from the ORT University. On 2005 he is selected from six¬hundred Latin¬American film directors to participate in the Buenos Aires Talent campus. On 2006 his project is selected for the ORT16 program, sponsored by the Kodak Film Institute. On 2011 works as cinematographer of the film Todavia el amor, and on the documentary TV series Pebeta de mi Barrio and A escena con los Maestros. On March 2013 he wins the production funds of the ICAU to make his director debut with the film Detrás del mito, selected as Director a disección by Guadalajara’s Doculab 2015. On 2014 he gets the first place in the international short¬film contest Corto Corto Organized by EFTI (Madrid), he works on the cinematography of the film Mirando al cielo.