Colombia, 70’, HD

At the end of the 70s and the early 80s, my parents linked up with left wing clandestine political groups in Cali. During that time, they had part in a revolution that promised great changes. I film the daily life of my parents, while at the same time making links between that political past and their break with that past once they decided to rise a family. I am 24 years old now. I’ve been living with friends for some time. I left my parent’s home because they could not accept my attraction to women, nor my lifestyle or my artist friends. Dopamine will show the way in which my parent’s ideals and mine are deeply related but also conflict with another. We will observe the struggles of my generation and the process of breaking up with older demands. The encounter of two generations.

Natalia Imery Almario

Natalia Imery Almario was born in Cali in 1990. She stduies Social Communication and Journalism at the Universidad del Valle, where she currently is preparing her final research project. She was chosen to be part of the Talents Buenos Aires 2014, created by the Universidad del Cine en Buenos Aires, Argentina, in April 2014.

As a director she has finished the following projects:

•Vida Experimental (2010 – 2014, Experimental video)
Script, direction and production design. The project is now on post production.

•Alén (2013, Short film, fiction)
Script and direction. The film received the following awards: Premio Mejor Nuevo Creador at the 54th Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias, Colombia; Premio Mejor Cortometraje Latinoamericano at the 6th Festival Libercine de Diversidad Sexual y Género (Argentina), Premio al Mejor Cortometraje at the 11th Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Escuelas de Cine El Espejo (Colombia).

•Dopamina (2014, Documental)
Script and direction. Still in development. Proyecto en Discusión, Taller de Desarrollo de Proyectos Talents Buenos Aires. It won a Grant form the FDC, Creative Documentary Film Studies from the Universidad del Valle.

She has also taken part in other projects, like:

•Violetas y Benjamines (2010, fiction short film)
Secondary role.

•Calzones Azules (2010, videoclip)
Cinematography and Set photography.

•Trina (2011, experimental video)
Set photography

•Bagatela (2011, fiction short film)
Production Design, assistent.

•Ampárame (2012, fiction short film)

Corporación Cintadhesiva Comunicaciones was born as a collective in 2009. We are a production company for short and full length films, videoclips, institutional films, scriptwriting, animation, radio shows and new formats. During these five years of work we have been supporting multiple projects, between them the short films E´skwe Quiere Decir Colibrí and Kwe´sx Thegnxisa: Nuestra Mirada, from Mónica Mondragón, that have gathered a long list of awards and mentions, like the Premio Nacional de Cortometraje or the Beca de Coproducción Regional del MinCultura de Colombia in 2011. These films have been showed in many International Festivals worldwide.

Currently, the company is producing the documentary film Réquiem por un Río, by Oscar Campo, and is immersed in the postporduction of another documentary, Garras de Oro by Ramiro Arbeláez and Oscar Campo, a project that won the FDC in 2010.

The company has various full length documentary films in development: La Intromisión, by Oscar Campo; Carta para que no me olvides… ¿O será para no olvidarte?, by Jhina Hernández Ospina; Generación V, by Jesús Reyes; Dopamina by Nathalia Imery; La Memoria Dividida; a the co-production Aguablanca Pacífico Urbano, by Víctor Palacios.