Spain, 60’, HD

Louisiana, 1977. South of New Orleans, the news of the discovery of a surprising historical fact is going to shock the inhabitants of St. Bernard Parish, a quiet rural community that has always lived together, using a foreign language and sharing some unusual traditions. The county historian makes it public: the islanders of San Bernardo (as they call themselves) are descendants of Spanish immigrants that came, in the XVIII Century, from the Canary Islands. An unknown part of the Spanish history, that remained hidden to this day, makes a come-back. The news shock an entire community. Years of mystery about the origin of this population give way to a new bridge between two nations. This incredible adventure is the driving thread of this documentary film that focus on an American story that start in the Canary Islands, Spain.


Eduardo Cubillo

Eduardo Cubillo has been a TV producer since 2005, working for different producing companies in Spain. He founded La Gaveta Producciones and started producing his first feature documentary film, Cubillo, historia de un Crimen de Estado, on the Cold War and cenetered on Antonio Cubillo, a leader of the independence movement. The film premiered at the Malaga Film Festival to critical acclaim, and has become the most senn documentary of the Canary Islands. Currently he is working on his second feature film Isleños, a root of America, filmed in Louisiana – once again a very interesting international story related to the Canary Islands.

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