David Delgado San Ginés / 80’ / España / Spain

  • Fotograma Los sueños

Dirección / Direction: David Delgado San Ginés
Producción / Production: David Delgado San Ginés, Melchor López, Pedro García
Edición / Editing: David Delgado San Ginés
Fotografía / Cinematography: David Delgado San Ginés
Sonido / Sound: Pedro García, Daniel Mendoza
Música Original / Original Music: Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou

In a small village, a wise and illiterate man has built, to offer it to the world, a strange garden where he made the disturbing images of his dreams. It is the Pillipo’s planet, a orderly world with images and visions, where angels scamper wind with God. It is a place that seems to have arisen from fear of a sensitive man. But a motorcycle accident blotted all his visions.

DAVID DELGADO is cinematographer, producer, screenwriter and director of video creation. In recent years he directed a film workshop, where it promotes the production and realization of a “possible cinema” absolutely independent and very low cost. He has won some national and international awards. Some of his later works are Stipo Pranyko with white pictures (2012), The Death of the heroes (2013), Space for a poem of good morning. Feelings Ozu (2013).