Maria Tarantino / 83’ / 2015 / Belgium / Bélgica

  • OUR CITY 5

Dirección / Direction: Maria Tarantino
Producción / Production: Maria Tarantino, Maarten
SchmidtSas, Philip Albert Schrooten, Jules Debrock
Guión / Script: Maria Tarantino
Edición / Editing: Rudi Maerten, Menno Boerema
Fotografía / Cinematography: Klaas Boelen
Sonido / Sound: Origan Cannella, Bruno Schweisguth
Música Original / Original Music: Matthieu Ha

Maria Tarantino (Milan, 1972) studied philosophy in Scotland and Italy before settling in Belgium. After working in the world of journalism, she begins to direct her first documentary: Inside Out (2009) and Kubita. A game for many players (2011), which is a self-financing and self-shot film about torture in prisons in Burundi. In 2009 he begins the long adventure of the feature documentary Our City, to be completed five years later.

Our City is a kaleidoscopic portrait of Brussels from its inhabitants. A subjective collage that shows on the screen the complex identity of a human urban space.