Andrés Luque


tve-logoRadiotelevisión Española RTVE


Productor Ejecutivo

Executive Producer


Most documentaries are acquisitions, but some are in-house productions. TVE is interested in co-production. WEBDOC LAB: The Media Lab RTVE was created with the aim of experimenting with new visual narrative forms. It consists of a multidisciplinary team of journalists, graphic designers, producers and developers who work together searching for the best way to tell each one of the stories they face.


TVE is a public service broadcaster with two main channels: TVE-1 (La 1) and TVE-2 (La 2). It is financed by subsidies from the national government. Furthermore TVE Internacional transmits to Europe, the Near East, America and North Africa by satellite. TVE-1 shows a wide range of programming, especially entertainment and information. TVE-2 is the cultural and citizen participation channel of TVE. Its main content is cultural programs and social issues, Spanish movies, European, independent cinema and documentaries. Most of these documentaries are acquisitions, but some are in-house productions or co-productions. Total annual hours of transmission on both channels: 14.644.