Non Fiction Selection




Specialist in non-fiction titles. We look for the most notorious titles of the year for our clients, those who have had a good career in cinemas, festivals or awards in general. Cinema, music, sports, television, fashion, art, architecture or social issues are the pillars of our programming. We acquire more than 200 hours a year, most international distributors. Approximately, 5% of our acquisitions are pre-purchases with a Spanish focus. Our period of rights of 1 year in exclusivity in front of other televisions and services that operate in the territories of Spain and Andorra.


Examples of channels and titles:


We look for titles for two channels of our offer: Movistar Premieres, aimed at a general public that loves commercial cinema. Some of the titles that we have recently issued are OJ: Made in America, Death in Leon, George Michael Freedom, I’m not your black, The Putin Interviews, I am Bolt or Manolo Blahnik. And Movistar Xtra, aimed at an alternative audience and with a programming focused on niches. Some outstanding titles of 2017 have been Bowie: The last 5 years, All those nights without sleep, Los Niños, Santoalla or Foccomare.