80min, Super8, BetaCam, U-matic, 4K, Brazil/Mozambique/Portuguese

Direction: Valentina Homem

Production: Tatiana Leite

Company: Bubbles Project

Pitch: Valentina Homem / Tatiana Leite

A narrative that sails back across the Atlantic, from Brazil to Mozambique as Valentina retraces her parent’s steps of forty years earlier, investigating the relation between the two former colonies, its contradictions and the reflexes of neo- colonialism in our times.

Valentina Homem is an award-winning film director and multimedia artist with a master’s degree in Cinema and Media Arts from Temple University, USA. She has been working in the audiovisual industry since 2002, directing a dozen short films —all shown at international film festivals, TV channels and streaming. Her most recent film, “Não Há Foz Não Há Nascente,” premiered at the Ann Arbor Film Festival 2019. In 2016, her short film “Abigail” premiered at the Directors’ Fortnight, in Cannes, France, and was selected for more than 50 festivals around the world, receiving numerous awards.