10 minutes, HD, Democratic Republic of the Congo, French / Swahili

Direction: Trésor Tshibangu Tshamala (Tétshim) and Frank Mukunday

Production: Rosa Spaliviero

Company: Twenty Nine Studio & Production SPRL/BVBA

In a little town in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, an armed band emerges and raids the classes in a school. Narrated by a child who witnesses the horror of mining for the benefit of unknown people and power, this story based on true facts revales the fatal connections of the world economy.

Frank Mukunday is from Lubumbashi, DRC. He is passionate about animation and works as a graphic designer. Tétshim was born in Kinshasa. He has drawn for years. In addition to making animated films, he is also illustrator and cartoonist of press and comics. Since 2010, Frank Mukunday and Tétshim have been producing self-taught animated films. Starting from the practice of drawing (Tétshim) and video (Frank), their duo founded the studio “Crayon de cuivre” in Lubumbashi. After two experimental films “Cailloux” and “Kukinga”, their 3rd short « Machini » has won more than 10 awards.