Laura Herrero Garvin / 80´ / 2019 / México, España

Direction: Laura Herrero Garvin

Production: Patricia Franquesa

Cinematography: Laura Herrero Garvin

Editing: Ana Pfaff, Lorenzo Mora Salazar

Sound: Eloísa Diez

Doña Olga has worked in the world of cabaret for more than forty-five years and is now La Mami, in charge of the ladies’ bathroom in the mythical Barba Azul Cabaret. Every night she looks after the girls working there, dancing with the customers. To them, the bathroom is a bubble of familiarity. A new woman is arriving at the bathroom today, with a sick child; and she needs work. And La Mami is on hand. The director got to know the Barba Azul through her passion for salsa dancing, discovering the all-seeing figure of La Mami and her importance for the girls working there. Every night sees a whirlwind of emotions and alcohol unleashed at the Barba Azul, yet La Mami is always there, dishing out here advice and sobriety.

LAURA HERRERO GARVIN (Toledo, 1985). Director and cinematographer who studied a Master’s in Documentary Filmmaking at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Her professional career is linked to Mexico, where she arrived in 2010. She lives in Barcelona and works between Spain and Mexico. She was part of the EmergenciaMX filmmakers’ collective and is a founding member of La Sandía Digital. She has created campaigns focusing on Human Rights from a gender perspective and has held documentary workshops in festivals and institutions the world over. Her first piece, EL REMOLINO (2016), premiered in Locarno and was awarded at DocumentaMadrid. Her most recent work, LA MAMI, premiered at IDFA (Netherlands), and won at the Tempo Film Festival (Sweden).