María Alejandra Zúñiga Delgado / 12´ / 2020 / Francia, Colombia

Direction: María Alejandra Zúñiga Delgado

Production: María Alejandra Zúñiga Delgado

Script: María Alejandra Zúñiga Delgado

Editing: María Alejandra Zúñiga Delgado

Sound: Juan José Delgado y Fanny Wojkiewicz

The first of November 1954, the Algerian National Liberation Front announces the country’s war of independence. France, the coloniser since 1830, hastens to reinforce its military contingent in every corner of the country, to head off the rebel advance. A little Chaoui, born in a mountainous part of the country, sees his peaceful childhood crash down amid a crossfire he does not understand. The story, inspired by real testimonials, is built up with images of from the French army’s archives. This seemingly disconnected dialogue between image and spoken word gives rise to a sensitive homage to the memory resting in the archives, and the disregarded voices of its protagonists.

MARÍA ALEJANDRA ZÚÑIGA DELGADO (Popayán, Colombia, 1993). She studied social communication at the University of Cauca. She is at the same time preoccupied with her country’s harsh reality, actively taking part in social and popular movements, both locally and nationally, and performing significant and engaged audio-visual production. She has a passion for filmmaking and dreamed of studying this in one of its cradles. This came true. In 2017 she moved to France and a year later, started the Master in Film History at the Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne University. MONTAGNE ÉGAREE is her graduation project, performed within the scope of the archive-image editing workshop of said university’s Film History programme.