Maryia Yakimovich / 29´ / 2020 / Polonia

Direction: Maryia Yakimovich

Production: Robert Sowa

Script: Maryia Yakimovich

Editing: Maryia Yakimovich

Cinematography: Maryia Yakimovich

PAPA conveys the author’s memories in diary form, recounting the difficult relationship between father and daughter brought about by his mental illness and the issues this condition led to while she was growing up. The need to crack the shell of silence surrounding this painful situation and break free from the grip of the past take her back to Belarus, to film interviews with various family members as well as gather their memories and points of view. PAPA is a beautiful and moving piece, in which imaginative animations are shrewdly interbalanced with old home VHS video images.

MARYIA YAKIMOVICH (Minsk, Belarus). Displayed an interest in and leaning towards the arts world from an early age. After graduating from Minsk’s Art Lyceum with a card-game design project, she relocated to Krakow to study at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated with the maximum grade with her documentary PAPA. She produces watercolours, book illustrations and animations, takes part in exhibitions and travels as a street artist, creating works of art sold to people the world over. Her filmography includes ONCE IN THE TRAM (2013), MUSE (2014), KUZYA (2018) and PAPA (2020).