100 mins, 2K, España, Árabe / 2D

Direction: Omar A. Razzak, Shira Ukrainitz

Production: Mayi Gutiérrez Cobo

Company: Tourmalet Films

A journey through religions and the absurd in the Holy Land, told by two lay people: the Jewess Shira Ukrainitz and the Muslim Omar Al Abdul Razzak.

Razzak is a Canarian director of Syrian origin. He has directed the documentaries Paradiso, exhibited in a large number of festivals and La Tempestad Calmada, premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and has been a student of the Talents at the Berlinale, the Venice Biennale College Cinema and the Torino Film Lab Up&Coming. He is currently developing his new film, Matar Cangrejos. 

Ukrainitz, after studying Audiovisual Communication in Tel Aviv, begins his career as a motion graphic designer and AE animator. They have co-directed together with Omar, the short animation films Los Espacios Confinados and La Prima Cosa.