Mateo Cabeza / 20´ / 2020 / España

Direction: Mateo Cabeza

Production: Mateo Cabeza

Cinematography: Mateo Cabeza

Editing: Mateo Cabeza

Sound: Mateo Cabeza

Ahmed and Taha. A father and son crossing the Strait of Gibraltar seeking to save Taha’s fragile life. Between the memory of the country, they left behind and the uncertainty in the host country, they both learn to survive in a hospital room. One of this short’s greatest feats is the director’s ability in making his camera invisible, notwithstanding the room’s limited dimensions. PARAÍSO takes us through various levels of emotion while empathizing with the protagonists, until reaching a conclusion that will leave nobody unmoved.

MATEO CABEZA (Sevilla,1986) Creator, researcher, and lecturer in documentary filmmaking. Graduated in Film Directing and Editing with a Diploma in Documentary Filmmaking through DOCMA and Mirada Compartida (Madrid). Trained in various film specialisations, from photography, editing and sound up to production and artistic design, rounded off his training with filmmakers including Ricardo Íscar, José Luis Guerin, Víctor Erice and Nicolas Philibert. His works – shortlisted and awarded in over 20 countries – reflect his firm commitment to direct cinema artistically examining both anthropology and experience.