Venezuela, 90min, HD, English

Direction: Susy Pena

Company: Gato Negro Media

Pitch: Susy Pena / Ali Sargent

An observational documentary which intimately follows the life of Purity, a charismatic Ugandan trans refugee activist in Kenya as she prepares to relocate to Sweden. A touching story of loss and exile yet replete with warmth and humour.

Susy Peña is a Venezuelan sociologist and filmmaker. She grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, From the age of 24 she worked as a Producer and Director for a youth cultural public TV channel. The first program Susy created and developed was an Experimental Touristic Reality TV Show. The show ran successfully for several years becoming a major hit for the channel.
Last year The Guardian commissioned her opera prima “The Breadmaker” (2019) – a short observational, creative documentary following Natalia, a Colombian political activist who occupied a bakery in the heart of Caracas, Venezuela.