Tatiana Mazú González / 82´ / 2020 / Argentina

Direction: Tatiana Mazú González

Production: Florencia Azorín

Cinematography: Tatiana Mazú González

Editing: Sebastián Zanzottera

Sound: Julián Galay

The myth still around in Patagonia’s coal mining communities holds that if a woman enters a mine, the earth becomes jealous. This leads to collapses and death. Río Turbio starts with a dark personal experience to then transform into a film on the silence of women living in men’s towns. How can we film where our presence isn’t allowed?, how can we record resonance that makes no sound?. While the electric power station’s mist and smoke shroud the town, the women of Río Turbio’s voices force themselves to be heard the amid icy whiteness and drilling-rig hum, until the silence’s very framework shatters.

Tatiana Mazú González. Buenos Aires, 1989. Experimental and documentary maker and visual artist, part of the Antes Muerto Cine collective. Together with Joaquín Maito she directed El estado de las cosas (2012) and, on her own, La Internacional (2015), Caperucita roja (2019) and Río Turbio (Prix Georges de Beauregard FID Marseille 2020).