Carlota Bujosa Cortés / 19´ / 2019 / España

Direction: Carlota Bujosa Cortés

Production: Carlota Bujosa Cortés

Script: Carlota Bujosa Cortés

Cinematography: Carlota Bujosa Cortés

Editing: Carlota Bujosa Cortés

Sound: Carlota Bujosa Cortés

BUBOTA is the director looking back at her own history, at her roots and belonging, formed based on family images she had never seen. A personal journey starting out one day on a train as eight years old, when her mother revealed her biological father is not who she had always thought it was. A face-to-face encounter with both fathers, transformed into ghosts and whom, with this film, she decides to ask to stop haunting her. Piecing together family archives with considerable skill, Bujosa Cortés creates a work of extraordinary maturity, with which she confronts the memory of the fathers she would have wished to have.

CARLOTA BUJOSA CORTÉS (Mallorca, 1989). Lived for years in Berlin, where she studied Law. Settled in Madrid since 2019, where she studied Film Editing at the Film Institute and was awarded a grant to take Documentary Film studies there. She first worked in film as assistant director of the short SÓDICO (Fernando Durán, Manuel Mejías 2016), and scriptwriter for another short, BEST SELLER (Max Lemcke, 2019). With BUBOTA she first worked as director and won at various festivals (Alcances, Aguilar de Campoo, Menorca), while working for other filmmakers as scriptwriter (FERROTIPOS, Nüll García, 2020) or editor (LA NOCHE DEL COCODRILO, Igor Fernández, 2020), technical tasks on which she also lectures.