Nina Khada/ 25´ / 2020 / Francia, Túnez

Direction: Nina Khada

Production: Les Films Rouges

Editing: Nina Khada

Cinematography: Nina Khada

Sound: Nina Khada

At a time when I can’t make it to my country, I tune out and embark on a stroll around Tunis in search for my mother tongue, Algerian Arabic.

Shot in the summer of 2018 and fascinating in terms of ethnography and cinematography, the filmmaker explores her dual cultural heritage and, in particular, the loss of a tool as underlying as language itself. Growing up in France in the 90s with a father who never spoke to her in Algerian meant the director’s link to her roots was broken, all the more considering language’s fundamental role as a way of bringing people together.

NINA KHADA. Director and editor born in France in 1991 to Algerian parents, who holds both French and Algerian nationality. She currently lives in Marseille. After studying editing for two years and broadcast journalism for one, she graduated with Master’s in Documentary Filmmaking. She also works as an assistant director, editor and camera operator. She directed her first documentary short, FATIMA, in 2016, focused on the figure of her grandmother, and selected in more than thirty festivals worldwide, such as the Istanbul International Short Film Festival and E Tudo Verdade. 2020 sees the début of her second work, I BIT MY TONGUE, at the Cairo International Film Festival, where it competes in the Cinema of Tomorrow section.