Marlén Viñayo / 35´ / 2020 / El Salvador, España

Direction: Marlén Viñayo

Production: Marlén Viñayo

Script: Carlos Martínez y Marlén Viñayo

Cinematography: Neil Brandvold

Editing: Andrea Bilbao

Sound: Eduardo Cáceres

Geovanny became an assassin at the age of 12. He was a ruthless hitman of the Barrio 18 gang, at present spending his 35-year sentence in solitary confinement in El Salvador. In prison, he withdraws from the gang and joined the Evangelical Church, which granted him God’s forgiveness. There is nevertheless one sin neither the church nor the gang can ever forgive: Geovanny is gay. This is a powerful piece, which came into being after Salvadorian journalist Carlos Martínez told Marlén Viñayo he’d just been in the San Francisco Gotera prison, where he got to know a group of homosexuals, former gang members.

MARLÉN VIÑAYO (León, 1987). Documentary maker based in El Salvador since 2013, where she founded her production company La Jaula Abierta. In 2018 she took part as a producer in the legendary documentary series FRONTLINE, broadcast without interruption on American public television ever since 1983. She first worked as a director with CACHADA (2019), awarded at the SXSW Film Festival and DocsBarcelona, and shortlisted at more than 40 festivals worldwide such as Yamagata, Gothenburg and DocPoint Helsinki. IMPERDONABLE (2020) is her second piece, named Best Documentary Short at IDFA, Hot Docs and Guanajuato, and Official Shortlist at Telluride and Slamdance, among others.