Afsaneh Salari / 79´ / 2020 / Irán, Filipinas

Direction: Afsaneh Salari

Production: Afsaneh Salari , Jewel Maranan

Cinematograhy: Afsaneh Salari

Editing: Giles Gardner

Sound: Ensieh Maleki

At the height of the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1982, 1.5 million Afghans took a long journey to the border of Iran to flee war. TAGHI, born after that generation and unwilling to inherit the limitations of his parents’ refugee status, navigates outside the protective walls of his family to trace his identity and the doors to his future in the homeland he never knew. As war continues to rage in Afghanistan, what future awaits him in which land?

AFSANEH SALARI is an Iranian director, producer and editor. She has a BA in editing from Tehran university of Art, a MA in creative directing from Paris 8 university and a MA in documentary directing from Docnomads joint masters. Afsaneh is the co-founder of Docmaniacs collective of filmmakers in Iran since 2015, a collective that accompanies other filmmakers from the region in order to help produce independent documentary films. The Forbidden Strings is the first feature documentary she produced with an Afghan filmmaker which was premiered at IDFA 2019. She is a grantee of Sundance Institute, Doha Film Institute, IDFA Bertha Fund, Asian Cinema Fund and Vision Sud Est fund. Through her films, Afsaneh explores human condition within societies’ peripheries: immigration, war, labourers, and old age are some of the topics she’s

worked on.